Yoni Nazarathy

Mathematical Data Science Researcher, Practitioner, and Educator


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I am an Associate Professor at the School of Mathematics and Physics of The University of Queensland for part of my time and working in industry in the rest of the time as a consultant via my co-directed company, Accumulation Point.

My academic expertise is in Machine Learning, Applied Probability, Statistics, Operations Research, Simulation, Scientific Computing, Control Theory, Queueing Theory, Scheduling, and Mathematical Education.

My industry consulting expertise aligns with some of my academic expertise and in addition includes areas such as software for large language models (LLM), general software development, and statistics of bioequivalence analysis.

Application areas of my work include epidemics, wireless communication networks, bio-statistics, agriculture, power systems, software and hardware design, manufacturing logistics, healthcare logistics, engineering, fire detection, pharmacology, and road traffic networks.

See the full list of my research publications. You may also find some of my blog posts interesting, as well as LLM related blog posts within Accumulation Point. Further lists that maybe of interest are media coverage of my work, software that I co-created, and a collection presentations that I presented over the years. Finally, here is a list of academic funding sources for my work.

Particular recent highlights of are my co-authored books, Statistics with Julia: Fundamentals for Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and Mathematical Engineering of Deep Learning.

These are additional notable themes of my work:

Courses and Workshops

I have been engaged with teaching courses and running workshops since 1999. See the full course list.

My teaching is at The University of Queensland, in previous institutions, via the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institution, the Statistical Society of Australia, as well as other settings. Here are my main areas of teaching:

Research Students

Current Research Students: Clayton Forknall (PhD), Zhihao Qiao (PhD), and Brendan Jeon (PhD).

Graduated PhD students: Azam Asanjarani, Ebby Thomas, Tuan Dinh.

Further student supervision (at various times and of various sorts): Alexander Hodges, Angelique Husson, Andrew Liang, Beau White, Stijn Fleuren, Nikki Leijnse, Brendan Patch, Aapeli Vuorinen, Darcy Bermingham, David Campbell, Kyle Young, Jiahao Diao, Julia Kuhn, Jori Selen, Kay Peeters, Liron Ravner, Manasa Anantharaman, Riley Vanderbyl, Tung Le, Wei Dong, Wei-chung Lai, Yifan Jiang, Yunqian Lin, Jiesen Wang, Matthew Richards, Thomas Graham, Wala Draidi, Alex Yan, Greg Marshall, Yang Leng, Yishan Peng, Yao Chen, Xuerong Wang, Rijul Jain, Leon Bitolkoski, (Julien) Minh Tram Tran, Jingye Liu, Hui Dong, Hoorain Malik, Pallavi Goswami, Taotao Pan, Hugh Roberts, Rick Heuijerjans, Eric Orjebin [More...]

Future students: I am always looking for motivated students interested in pursuing a PhD. If you find the research themes above interesting, contact me.

Major Additional Activities

At the moment, in addition to research and teaching, I am also engaged in the following:

Some of my notable past activities include:


An academic webpage is not complete without a few personal items and some personal views.

I do quite a bit of (car) driving these years, mostly involving my kids, my wife Miriam and our dog Dash. So during this time, I get a chance to reflect and refine my views. There are a few opinion blog posts that I have written. Here are some more views: