Supervised and Mentored Students
Yoni Nazarathy

I am always looking for motivated students interested in pursuing a PhD. Contact me if you find any of my research themes interesting.

These are research students that I have supervised and mentored over the years.

PhD Students

UQ Mathematics/Statistics Masters Students

UQ Mathematics/Statistics Honours Students

UQ Engineering Honours Students

UQ Masters of Data Science Project Students

UQ Masters of Financial Mathematics Students

Eindhoven Engineering Project Students

UQ Research Project Course Students

International Student Visitors

Further Collaboration with PhD students

I have also served as an assessor/panel-member/reviewer/examiner for the following research students: Wangyue Xie, Jesccia Chan, Patrick Doolan, Hien Nguyen, Hui (Alice) Yao, Roahn Shah, Simon Stebbins, Gilbert Michael Macbeth, David Roberts, Robin Pearce, Alex Eastwood, David Evans, Alexander He, Martin Cox, Rick Jeuken, Cameron Gordon, Jack Kibble, Liam Timms, Mingmei Teo, Imran Rao, Rotem Aharon, Khade, Kirti.